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- Who is the Female rapper ?

“We both were born in Iran and grew up there, but both of us are pure Afghan.”

Paradise and Diverse are the only two members of 143band. They are singing Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B and Pop.

We both were born in Iran and grew up there, but both of us are pure Afghan. Since our childhood, we had a great desire toward music, that’s why we were singing at our schools for friends and family members.

Later, due to some family and life issues we went to Afghanistan. Actually, we met there in Afghanistan and decided to build up the band. 2008 was our professional beginning for 143Band.

We do love each other!!! So it is 1 for I, 4 for LOVE, and 3 for You !!! And we want that everyone who is listening to our songs and supports us to know that we love our fans!!! So that’s why we are 143Band.

We can generally categorize our songs in two parts. We have songs that are describing true social life style and situations of Afghans as well as, other types are about general daily life such as love, hate, and so on.

In both categories, we tried our best to make them in a way to be meaningful in the three aspects: Lyrics, music, and the video.

It can be mentioned that Paradise is the first Afghan Female rapper. Faryad-e-Zan and Nalistan are two of her RAPs that are talking mostly about women’s problem in current situation of Afghanistan.

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